What’s do Horses Eat?

For anyone who is either new to horse ownership or is considering getting one, diet is an incredibly important factor to take into consideration. Check with your Greenville vet clinic for the best information.

What they Eat

Horses eat a variety of grasses, hay, grains, and fruit. A mixture is important to make sure that your horse stays at the top of its game. It is important, though, to remember that brans are not good for your horse. Also, keep your lawn and garden trimmings out of the mix. They might seem a perfect fit, but they contain many toxins which are bad for the horse. Ask your Greenville vet clinic for more.

How Much?

Horses actually have a fairly small stomach compared to their size. For this reason, they don’t eat very much in each “sitting” but they do eat often. The rule of thumb is typically 2-2.5 pounds of food per 100 pounds of bodyweight. Ask your Greenville vet clinic for the most current information.

Keeping your horse in tip-top shape will make for the best riding you can imagine! For the most up to date information, contact your Greenville vet clinic.

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