What Cats Can Taste

Cats’ appetites are quite different from humans’. Cats don’t prefer as much variety in their diets as we do, and it’s partially because they can’t taste everything we can. Ask your Greenville, SC vet about what food is best for your cat.

Cats can’t taste sweetness in food. They don’t have the taste buds for it. Most sweet foods aren’t good for them anyway. If your cat does steal a bite of your candy or other sweets, make sure to consult your Greenville, SC vet.

Cats can taste saltiness in foods, and often like it. They may enjoy the occasional pretzel or chip, but too much salty food is bad for them. If you think your cat is eating too little or too much sodium, talk to your Greenville, SC vet.

Cats prefer to eat only meat, and therefore most of their taste buds are designed for that– for instance, they are especially sensitive to the taste of fat. They have 470 taste buds compared to humans’ 9,000, so they won’t appreciate most of the delicious things we eat! Remember, don’t give your kitty human food unless your Greenville, SC vet okays it.

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