Water Safety for Dogs

Thinking of going for a swim with your dog? Many dogs love swimming, and it sure can be a lot of fun. Just make sure your pooch stays safe with these tips from your Myrtle Beach veterinarian.

Can Your Dog Swim?

Keep in mind that not all dogs are great swimmers. Some can’t swim at all, and would sink right to the bottom if immersed in a body of water! Make sure your dog is comfortable in the water before going for a swim.

Swimming Support

For dogs who are only moderate swimmers, it can be very helpful to use doggie flotation devices. These items work just like flotation devices for human children; they strap onto your dog’s torso or limbs and help keep him afloat.

In the ocean, it’s always a good rule of thumb to go into the water with your dog to be safe. Never venture out farther than the shallows.

Rinse Out the Coat

When you get out of the ocean or your backyard pool, be sure to rinse out Fido’s fur. Both chlorine and salt water will irritate your dog’s skin if left there.

Talk to your Myrtle Beach veterinarian for more water safety tips.

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