Want a Dog but Can’t Afford It?

This is a problem that many young people in America face. Unfortunately, many young people – especially college aged and living alone for the first time – adopt pets that they are unprepared to take care of one way or another. So what are some ways to get your dog fix without putting another life in jeopardy? Check with your Greenville vet vet for more information.

  1. Volunteering at a Shelter

Volunteers at animal shelters do have to put in some work, but they’re also able to play with the dogs and cats all the time! If you’d like to know where you can volunteer, ask your Greenville vet today.

  1. Fostering Pets

Fostering is the best of both worlds. You get to take an animal home with you and everything is usually provided by the shelter. Fostering is for animals with special needs that the shelter can’t handle. It’s a wonderful way to have a dog or cat that you otherwise couldn’t afford until it can find a permanent home! Check with your Greenville vet for more information.

All around, animals need our help. Ask your Greenville vet how to get involved!

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