Walking Your Dog at Nighttime

Do you walk your dog at night? Perhaps your schedule dictates this, or your pooch demands a walk before bed. Here, your Marietta, GA veterinarian offers a few safety tips for those nighttime adventures.

Clothing Tips

Make sure that you and your dog both wear some bit of reflective clothing to make it easier for passing motorists and other walkers or joggers to see you. There are plenty of reflective items available for dogs, including vests and collars.

Road Choice

Whenever possible, use a sidewalk. If there isn’t one available, choose wide roads with a substantial shoulder portion. Always walk against traffic; this allows you and your dog to see exactly what’s coming.

Leash and Training

Even if your dog is well-trained, use a leash (preferably one with reflective strips sewn in). Also make sure your dog knows a good recall command, like “sit,” “stay,” or “heel.” This way, even if your dog tries to dart off after a squirrel or passerby, you have two ways of securing your dog and keeping him safe.

Would you like even more tips for keeping your dog safe on nighttime walks? Give your vet Marietta, GA a call today for further advice.

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