UFC 219 Odds and Predictions: Cyborg vs. Holm

UFC 219 is set to take place in Las Vegas on December 30th. Typically, the UFC’s December occasion is earmarked as the big end-of-year display with a card that’s stacked from top to bottom. However, the present menu for UFC 219 lacks just a little sizzle.
The principal event has Cris Cyborg defending her featherweight title against the other ferocious puncher at Holly Holm. On paper, it might seem one-sided, but remember the last time we doubted Holm in perceived mismatch name fight?
It’s a great matchup, to be certain. Still, there are worries that it will not sell pay-per-views. So now, rumors are swirling about last-minute additions to the card, including Nate Diaz in some capacity. A trilogy fight with Conor McGregor has been the dream, but that won’t be occurring as McGregor is coping with some fallout from his Bellator fiasco and punching out a drug cartel associate. Oops.
Those transgressions will continue to keep the Irishman from the UFC octagon for an extended time period, or even permanently.
In terms of Diaz, he seemingly was offered everything but the moon. However, the Stockton native is demanding a celestial body, where I mean totes and bags of money, until he steps within an Octagon again.
While one or two bouts could be inserted to give the card some additional pugilistic goodness, it appears that the main event is put, and I am okay with that. What fans actually need at this stage are quality fights, not just big names. And in addition to Cyborg/Holm, we are also going to see Khabib Nurmagomedov vs. Edson Barboza, a massive fight that could give another lightweight competition. The weigh-in might be just as dramatic as the battle given Nurmagomedov struggles to make 155.
While we wait patiently for more shine to be inserted, let’s stir the existing pot and break down the main and co-main events of this day for your gambling needs.

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