Trick Your Dog Into Swallowing His Pill

At some point or another, you’ll probably have to administer a pill to your dog. It’s often easier said than done! Try these tricks from a Marietta, GA veterinarian:

Toss Trick

If your dog likes catching morsels in mid-air, use this to your advantage. Toss a dog treat or two, then the pill, then another treat. With luck, Fido won’t notice the difference!

Hide in Food

It’s often easiest to hide your dog’s pill in a bit of wet dog food or in the center of a soft dog treat. First, check with your veterinarian to make sure that your dog’s medication is safe to be taken with food.

Crushing or Grinding

It’s possible that you can crush or grind your dog’s pill and sprinkle it over his food, but ask your vet first. Sometimes, crushing a pill can render it ineffective or introduce the medication to your dog’s system too quickly.

Yet another option is chewable and/or flavored pills—ask your veterinarian if your dog’s medication or vitamin supplements may come in these forms. For more advice on administering your dog’s pill in a safe and effective way, contact your veterinarian Marietta, GA professional today. We’re here for you!

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