Traveling Safety Considerations Before Leaving Home

With warmer weather comes a large influx of people traveling. Many families opt to take their pets along on these trips if possible, rather than simply boarding. This is a wonderful treat, but what sorts of precautions should you undertake before you even leave home? For more, check with your East Greenwich, RI vet.


Make sure that you bring along all of the necessities – food, water, treats, crates, blankets, bowls, leashes and any medication your dog may need for the ride. Make sure that you put together a checklist so that you don’t leave only to realize that Scruffy doesn’t have a leash! Check with your East Greenwich, RI vet for the best suggestions.

ID Tags

This is an absolute must which mustn’t be removed at any point during the trip. Make sure that your dogs have their collars and that all of their shots are up to date and updated with their tags. It can also help to have a phone number printed.

Microchipping is the best precaution in case your dog gets lost. Check with your East Greenwich, RI vet for more.

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