Tips for Your Pregnant Dog

Birth is one of life’s great miracles. Everyone knows that it requires special attention for the mother as she is eating, drinking, and living for more than just herself. This is no different for any other animal, including your dog. So what do you do if your dog is pregnant? Always check with your Greenwood vet for the best information.


It is important to give your pregnant dog the best care you can to ensure healthy puppies. Always make sure she has a nice soft dog bed and plenty of attention. If you have any concerns, always check with your Greenwood vet.

Food & Water

Anything that is currently pregnant needs more calories for energy to get through the day. Throughout the pregnancy, even though your dog might seem to be less active, its metabolism is sky high as she prepares to give birth. For specific food recommendations check with your Greenwood vet.

Constant Care

As it gets closer and closer to delivery, keep a close watch on her. Also maintain a constant dialog with your vet clinic Greenwood. This will help to ensure that when she’s ready, you will be too!

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