Tips on Cat Paw Care

Take great care of your cat’s paws by following these tips from your Neptune Beach, FL veterinarian:

Check the Paws

Every few days—perhaps more often if your cat spends time outdoors—give your cat’s paws a thorough examination. Check to make sure no objects are stuck between the toes, as it’s very easy for burrs, twigs, or pebbles to embed themselves there. If you can’t remove a foreign object easily, don’t force it. Instead, call your vet. Also let your animal care professional know if you see any bleeding, scratches, or anything else abnormal.

Trim the Nails

Nail trims are essential for great paw health, as overly long nails can get tangled or fracture painfully. Use a cat-specific nail trimmer, and only blunt the tip of each claw. Remember to offer your cat a few treats afterward for a job well done!

Paw Pad Care

Sometimes, a cat’s paw pads can become cracked and dry. There are moisturizers made to combat this problem. Also take care to have your cat avoid blistering hot asphalt, as it can burn your pet’s paw pads if they were to linger.

Call your pet clinic Neptune Beach, FL office for more paw care advice.

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