Tips for Taking Fido to the Beach

Thinking of taking your dog to the beach soon? Once you’ve found a pet-friendly beach, remember to keep a few safety tips in mind. Learn more here from a vet in Livonia, MI.

Provide Hydration and Shade

Don’t let your dog drink from the water that’s in front of him—salty ocean water will only make him thirstier. Bring along a thermos of cool, fresh water just for your pooch. Also pack a beach umbrella to provide shade; you can even use a canine-formulated sunscreen to protect your dog’s sensitive skin.

Swimming Safety

Is your dog going to venture into the ocean? It’s best to go in with him for safety purposes. Even dogs who are experienced swimmers can be caught off guard by ocean currents. Never go out farther than a few feet with your dog.

The Final Rinse

When beach day is over, be sure to rinse out your dog’s coat thoroughly with fresh water from the garden hose or tub. Leaving sand or salt in the coat will dry out and irritate the skin, possibly leading to an increase in shedding.

Want more safety tips for taking Fido to the beach? Contact your Vets Livonia, MI.

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