Tips for a Happy Dog Spring

Spring is here and it is beautiful. Nothing is better than a fresh sunny day with your best friend. Here are a few tips for a great time. Check with your Greenwood vet clinic for any safety concerns.


It’s an excellent way to get some exercise and to bond with your furry companion. You can walk all over creation for next to nothing and your dog will have a ball sniffing out everything and seeing the world. Check with your Greenwood vet clinic for safety tips and make sure your dog has plenty of cool water.


If your dog loves the water, let her jump in! Just make sure you keep an eye on her to make sure she’s safe. For tips regarding dogs swimming, check with your Greenwood vet clinic.

Tick Meds

Make sure you’re current on Flea and tick prevention so that your dog doesn’t pick up any unwanted strangers.

For the best information for keeping your pet healthy, check with your Pet clinic Greenwood.

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