Three Great Benefits of Pet Microchips

Have you heard of microchips for pets? Veterinarians agree—they’re the best way to keep your beloved animal companion properly identified. Learn more here from your Hinesville, GA vet:

They’re Secure

A major benefit of microchips is that a pet can’t remove them; the chip is implanted under the skin. Pets might be able to remove a collar containing ID tags (accidentally or on purpose) and leave themselves without identification. You’re worry-free with a microchip! Even if your pet escapes unexpectedly, they’ll remain identified.

They’re Easy to Have Updated

Having a change of address or telephone number? You don’t have to purchase an entirely new microchip, the way you would have to get new ID tags. Simply contact the microchip manufacturer and have them update your pet’s information. It’s nearly instantaneous!

They’re Quick and Painless

The microchipping procedure only takes a few moments, and it’s virtually painless for your pet. The chip is inserted under the skin with a specialized syringe, and it’s altogether much like a regular vaccination.

Do you have further questions about microchips and pet identification? Are you ready to outfit your animal friend with one? Set up an appointment today at your animal hospital Hinesville, GA.

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