Three Easy Steps for Clipping Fido’s Nails

Nail trims are essential for your dog’s good health. Nails left unclipped could even start to affect Fido’s walk after a time! Below, your Livonia, MI vet gives you three easy steps for clipping your pooch’s nails.


First, gather your supplies in the area where you’ll be clipping your canine companion’s nails. You’ll need a canine-specific set of clippers—never use clippers designed for other animals or humans!—as well as a styptic powder or pen. Also, keep a few tasty dog treats on hand.

Clip the Tips

When your dog is relaxed, take a paw and focus on one claw at a time. Clip the very tip of each claw; remember, you’re only blunting it. If you snip too far, you’ll cause bleeding—this is why you have your styptic powder on hand to staunch any excess bleeding.

Repeat and Reward

Work your way around to each claw on every paw. When a paw is completed, offer your dog a treat or two as a reward. This helps to reinforce the notion that nail trims result in something good!

If you need help clipping your dog’s nails, call your vets Livonia MI.We’re always here for you!

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