The Truth About Pit Bulls

Pit bulls have a bad reputation, and aren’t frequently adopted, but is that deserved? Your Indianapolis, IN vet can help you decide if a pit bull is right for your family.


Pit bull is not just one breed– there are at least 20 different types of dogs called pit bulls. Although they have a reputation for being aggressive, they actually rarely bite people. Reports of pit bull attacks have been exaggerated and sensationalized. However, if you are worried about aggressiveness in your dog, talk to your Indianapolis, IN vet.


Once upon a time, pit bulls were considered perfect “nanny-dogs” for children because they were friendly, loyal and sweet. In fact, they aren’t the best guard dogs, because they love meeting new people. Ask your Indianapolis, IN vet if a pit bull is a good fit for your children.


Adopting a pit bull is a rewarding experience. They are intelligent and learn tricks easily. Although you and your pit bull may face some mistrust, anyone who gets to know your pit bull will fall in love! Remember, talk to your Indianapolis, IN vet before adopting a new pet.

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