The Importance of Playtime

Playtime certainly is a lot of fun for your dog or cat. Did you know that it’s actually about much more? Playtime is an essential part of your pet’s health! Learn more below from a vet in Frisco, TX.


The major benefit of regular pet playtime is exercise. Every pet needs to move on a daily basis in order to keep excess fat off, burn calories, and keep the muscles and tendons functioning properly. Pets of all ages should play regularly for good health.

Mental Engagement

When your pet plays, they’re exercising more than just their body—they’re giving their brain a workout as well! It’s very important for pets to stay mentally stimulated so that they don’t resort to undesirable behaviors like chewing, scratching, loud vocalizing, or house soiling.

Bonding Time

The relationship you have with your pet is not to be taken for granted. It may be one of the strongest bonds you’ll ever know! Deepen and strengthen that connection with regular playtime. It’s something that both you and your pet will start to look forward to!

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