The Importance of Pet Playtime

Playing with your pet is about more than good plain fun. It actually offers several health benefits for your furry friend!


Of course, regular playtime means regular exercise; every pet needs their exercise to keep muscles and joints limber and stave off excess weight. Exercise your pet every day. If you would like advice on the best playtime methods for your particular pet, contact your Glendale, AZ veterinarian.


On the whole, pets who stay active regularly are far better behaved. Bored pets, on the other hand, take out their frustrations by chewing furniture, scratching the floor, urinating in the house, acting out aggressively, vocalizing loudly, etc. Save yourself the trouble and play with your pet daily.


The benefit of a strong human-animal bond cannot be overstated. Regular playtime is the best way to form a resilient, meaningful relationship with your pet that will last for years. Remember: cats and dogs are social animals who require regular companionship and love!

Your Glendale, AZ veterinarian can tell you more about the benefits of playing with your pet, how to exercise them properly, and how to keep your animal companion in peak health throughout their life. Contact the office today!

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