The Etiquette of Dog Walking

Dog walking is, all things considered, a relatively simple task. However, there are a few points of etiquette to be aware of! Learn more here from your vet in Myrtle Beach.

Clean Up After Dog

Every time you walk your dog in public, bring along a few plastic baggies to pick up after your pooch. Not only is it rude to leave your dog’s waste lying around in public, it can contribute to the spread of disease and infection. Dispose of your dog’s waste in a proper receptacle.

Pay Attention to Regulations

Remember: dogs aren’t welcome everywhere. Certain parks, neighborhoods, beaches, etc. may have rules and regulations restricting or limiting the presence of dogs. Do some research to discover the regulations of municipalities around your area.

Respect Others’ Space

Although you’re a dog lover through and through, not everyone else is. Don’t let your dog go up to just anyone—some people may be afraid of dogs and won’t welcome your pooch’s slobbery kisses. Be sure to ask if it’s okay that your dog greet someone, especially if small children are present.

Would you like more advice on walking your dog properly? Give your vets Myrtle Beach, SC office a call.

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