The Best Things about Having a Dog

Hands down, dogs are awesome! They are adorable, cuddly, and can even detect emotions. For the best information on dog care, check with your Houston vet. Here is a list of our favorite things about having dogs:

  1. Constant Companion – People have heard stories about dog loyalty, and they’re all true! Your dog will be a friend no matter what happened. Treat them right and they’ll return the favor. Check with your Houston vet for more.
  2. Warm on Cold Nights – Dogs are absolutely second to none when it comes to a cold and rainy night. They will curl up on or near you (size dependent!) and warm your heart while they’re at it! Check with your Houston vet on keeping your dog healthy!
  3. Protective – Dogs began their relationship with humans in a simple exchange – food for protection. Dogs always look out for us and have us at the center of their hopes.

They help when you’re lonely and provide cute friendship whenever needed. If you’d like to know more about taking care of a dog, check with your Houston vet.


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