The Benefits of Microchipping

Did you know that keeping your pet properly identified is one of the best things you’ll ever do for their health? Here, your Vancouver, BC vet tells you about just a few of the various benefits of having your pet microchipped.

Pets Can’t Remove Microchips

Microchips are secure because they’re placed under the skin, so pets cannot remove them in any way. ID tags hanging around a collar may leave a pet unidentified should the animal slip, chew, or rip off the collar (accidentally or on purpose). You never have to worry about your pet going unidentified with a microchip!

Microchips Are Easy to Have Updated

If you were to have a change of address or get a new telephone number, you don’t have to get a new microchip. Simply contact the microchip manufacturer and they can update their database, giving your pet his or her new contact information instantly.

The Procedure is Quick and Simple

Getting your pet a microchip is quick, simple, and painless. The chip itself is inserted with a specialized syringe, and your pet won’t feel pain. It’s just like a regular vaccination!

Want to get your pet a microchip? Call your pet clinic Vancouver, BC.

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