The Benefits of Microchipping Your Pet

You’ve probably heard of pet microchips—they’re a great way to keep your animal companion identified properly with minimal effort! Read on to find out about some of the benefits of microchips from your Portland, OR veterinary professional.

Secure Identification

ID tags on a pet’s collar are great, but pets may be able to remove the collar on purpose or by accident. With a microchip, you don’t have to worry about this—it’s implanted under a pet’s skin and is totally secure. Most pet owners use ID tags and a microchip in tandem for the ultimate preventative protection!

Quick, Painless, Inexpensive Procedure

The microchip is implanted under your pet’s skin using a specialized syringe; all in all, it’s much like a regular vaccination and your pet won’t feel anything but a slight pinch. Microchips are also inexpensive, rarely costing more than $100 for the chip and procedure. For a lifetime of proper identification, it’s well worth the investment!

Easy to Update

Moving? Getting a new telephone number? There’s no need to purchase a new microchip. Simply call the microchip manufacturer, and they can update your pet’s information instantly.

Contact your Vet Portland, OR if your animal friend needs a microchip.

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