Why Won’t My Cat Use The Litterbox?

Does your cat seem to have a problem with her litter box? She’s not alone—around one in every 10 cats will develop a litter box aversion at one point or another. Here, your Lakewood Ranch, FL vet tells you about some of the possible reasons why, as well as how to correct it.

Box Location

Just like you, your cat doesn’t like doing her business in a crowded or noisy place. Put the box somewhere without a lot of human or pet traffic so that your cat won’t be disturbed. In most homes, a back bathroom or basement works just fine.

Box Cleanliness

Cats are picky about the cleanliness of their litter boxes, and have been known to shun the box if it’s not cleaned regularly. Be sure to scoop out your cat’s box on a daily basis, and refresh the litter entirely once a week. This should be sufficient to keep your feline friend satisfied!

Negative Conditioning

It’s possible that your cat experienced a scare while using a litter box during her younger years. This may take the assistance of a professional to correct, so set up an appointment at your Vets Lakewood Ranch, FL for help.