Combating Pet Odors

Is your pet starting to emit a bit of a stench? Get your animal companion smelling fresh again with these tips from your East Greenwich, RI veterinarian.


When a pet starts to give off an odor, or if they get into something smelly or sticky, you’ll need to give them a bath. Using lukewarm water and a canine- or feline-specific soap, massage your hands through your pet’s fur from neck to tail. Take care not to let water or soap run down into your pet’s eyes. Rinse your pet thoroughly with fresh water after the entire coat has been cleaned, then gently towel them dry.

Regular Grooming

Consistent grooming is the best way to avoid odor build-up in the first place. Run a brush through your pet’s fur regularly; this will remove loose or dead hair, untangle mats that can contribute to odors, and spread essential skin oils through the fur to keep it moisturized and healthy.

Would you like further advice on keeping your pet looking—and smelling—their best? Contact your Vets East Greenwich, RI for more helpful tips or to set up a professional grooming appointment.