Insurance for Your Cat

Did you know that you can insure your cat’s health, the same way you might purchase health insurance, car insurance, or homeowner’s insurance for yourself? Here, your vet Rochester, NY goes over the basics so that you can decide if cat insurance might be right for you.

What is Pet Insurance Like?

Pet insurance is just like other types of insurance. You’ll pay a premium (on a monthly or perhaps yearly basis) and have a set deductible. Different types of insurance plans cover different things; there are accident-only plans, plans that can help cover the costs of prescription drugs or specialized procedures, and plans that help with routine medical care.

Why Get My Cat Insurance?

The benefit of getting your cat insurance is the same as most other types of insurance: if something unexpected happens, you’ll have assistance paying for the expensive veterinary treatment required to return your cat to full health. Cat insurance may be especially wise for senior cats, kittens, or felines with pre-existing health conditions.

What If I Have Multiple Cats?

There are plans available that cover multiple cats at once––shop around to find the perfect fit for you!

Call your vet clinic Rochester, NY to learn more.