Building a First-Aid Kit for Your Pet

It’s no fun to think about an emergency befalling your beloved pet. One of the best ways to prepare for it, though, is to build a first-aid emergency kit! Learn more here from your Roanoke, VA vet.

Medical Supplies

Most of your kit will be comprised of medical essentials. Include gauze, bandages, a pet-safe disinfectant, a pet thermometer, a styptic powder or pen, tweezers, scissors, tongue depressors, a few soft towels, and several pairs of latex gloves for your hands. If your pet takes medicine to manage a condition, include a supply in the kit.

Medical Records

Seal your pet’s medical records in a waterproof bag. These include proof of vaccinations, documentation of recent medical work or surgical procedures, and information about any medications your pet takes.

Long-Term Essentials

If you live in an area prone to natural disasters like wildfires, mudslides, earthquakes, or hurricanes, you might want to include some long-term essentials in your pet’s kit. Consider packing canned food and a small can opener, water bottles, pet dishes, a bed, and a leash and collar. These items will be necessary if you have to leave home in a hurry!

Call your veterinarian Roanoke, VA for more great tips.