Getting Your Dog to Take His Pill

Most dogs will have to swallow a pill at some point or another. If your canine companion is like most, he won’t take kindly to medication! Try these tricks from a Moorpark, CA veterinarian to get your dog to take his pill:

Hiding in Food

Hide your dog’s pill in the center of a glob of wet dog food, or wrap it up in a roll of deli meat. With any luck, your dog will be so excited for the morsel that he’ll gobble it up without realizing there was medication inside! Check with your vet to make sure that Fido’s pill can be taken with food.

 The Tossing Trick

If your dog likes catching treats in mid-air, try fooling him at his own game. Toss a treat or two, then the pill, then another treat in quick succession. If you’re lucky, your pooch wont’ even notice that one of his “treats” was actually a pill!

Crushing or Grinding

Ask your vet about grinding or crushing your dog’s pill to sprinkle it over food. Sometimes, this can render medicine ineffective or introduce too much at once to your dog’s system.

For more information, contact your animal hospital Moorpark, CA today.