Your Dog’s Nail Trims

Like it or not, nail trims are a part of your dog’s life. When nails become too long and sharp, they can fracture painfully and even affect your pooch’s ability to walk. Here, your veterinarian London, ON offers three easy steps to make your dog’s next nail trim go smoothly.

The Supplies

Gather everything you’ll need in one place. That includes a nail trimmer made specifically for dogs, a styptic powder or pen to staunch any bleeding, and a few tasty dog treats. Then, sit down with your dog in a well-lit area when you’re ready to begin.

Snip Each Tip

Select a paw to start with and extend one nail. Snip the very tip, taking care only to blunt the end. Bleeding might occur if you snip too far; if it does, use your styptic powder or pen until bleeding stops.

Repeat and Reward

Work your way around to each nail on the paw, then offer a treat before moving on to the next paw. This will give your dog the idea that remaining calm warrants a reward!

Need help with your dog’s nail trims? We’re here for you. Make an appointment with your veterinary clinic London, ON today.