Tips on Canine Paw Care

It’s important that you keep your dog’s paws healthy. After all, they allow him to do quite a lot! Use these tips from a Greensboro, NC veterinarian to keep your pooch’s paws in great shape.

Regular Paw Checks

Once a week or so, sit down with your dog in a quiet, well-lit area. Give each paw a thorough once-over, checking for any obvious wounds, objects embedded in the paw pads or stuck between the toes, fractured or broken claws, or anything else out of the ordinary. Let your veterinarian know if your pooch needs medical attention.

Asphalt Awareness

During the warmer months, asphalt surfaces can heat up to unbearable temperatures. These surfaces can burn a dog’s paw pads if they linger on them for too long. Whenever possible, choose to walk your dog on cooler concrete or grass instead.

Nail Trims

Regular nail trims are essential for good paw care. Only use canine-specific trimmers, never trimmers designed for other animals or humans. Keep a styptic powder or pen on hand to staunch bleeding if you clip too far down the nail.

If you’d like the professionals to clip your dog’s nails, make an appointment at your veterinary clinic Greensboro, NC.