The Importance of Pet Play

Your pet enjoys playtime simply because it’s a lot of fun. Did you know, though, that play is an essential part of your pet’s good health? Learn more below from a vet in Hamilton County, IN.


One of the major benefits of regular playtime is that it provides your pet with the exercise he or she needs. Exercise helps your pet to burn excess calories, work out the muscles, and improve cardiovascular health. Make sure to play with your pet daily for maximum physical benefits!


If a pet is cooped up inside all day with no appropriate outlet for their energy, they’re likely to act out in undesirable ways. This might mean house soiling, chewing, scratching, loud vocalizations, or other behaviors that you don’t want to deal with. A well-exercised pet, on the other hand, is likely to be worn out!


Here’s another benefit of regular playtime with your pet: it provides a wonderful bonding opportunity. The relationship that you and your pet share is perhaps one of the strongest you’ll ever know—nurture that bond by playing together on a daily basis.

For more information on your pet’s exercise needs, contact your vets Hamilton County, IN.