How to Help Your Pet Lose Excess Weight

Nearly half of all domesticated cats and dogs are overweight—that’s a scary statistic! The question is, how do you slim your pet down? Here, your Greensboro, NC vet tells you how to get started.

See Your Vet

First, set up an appointment at your vet’s office. Together with your veterinary professional, you’ll develop a weight-loss plan tailored to your specific pet. This way, they can lose weight gradually and safely.

Diet Tips

Of course, your pet’s diet will most likely have to change. It may be a simple matter of serving smaller portion sizes, or your companion may have to switch to an entirely new food. Ask your veterinarian for further advice on portion size and diet.


Combined with diet, exercise is the only way that your pet will safely and successfully lose weight. Go on walks, jog around the backyard, and have fun play sessions in your living room. All of these activities will help your pet burn calories and reverse obesity.

If you think your pet is overweight and needs help shedding excess pounds, it’s time to act. Make an appointment with your Veterinarians Greensboro, NC today to return your pet to a healthy weight!