Why Play is So Important for Your Dog

Just about all of our canine friends enjoy playtime. Did you know that playing is about more than just good fun for your dog? It’s an essential part of great health! Learn more here as your Aurora, CO veterinarian tells you why play is so important.


First, play offers a huge physical benefit: it gives your dog great exercise on a regular basis. When your dog is playing, he’s moving and burning calories. This is the best way to avoid dangerous obesity, which can be time-consuming, worrisome, and costly to correct down the road.

Mental Stimulation

Dogs who don’t play regularly tend to become bored, and they are likely to start acting out in undesirable ways. Avoid the hassles of chewing, digging, scratching, house soiling, aggression, separation anxiety, and more by providing your pooch with regularly play.

Bonding Time

Don’t forget that playing with your dog doubles as important bonding time between pet and owner. It’s crucial that you and your pup spend time together, deepening and strengthening your relationship! The bond you share with your dog may be one of the strongest you’ll ever know.

To learn more about Fido’s play, contact your veterinary clinic Aurora, CO today.