Pets and Allergies

Just like us, many pets can suffer from allergies. It’s especially common in springtime when allergens like pollen, dust, dirt, and mold start to affect our animal friends. Use these tips from a vet Smyrna, GA to help deal with the problem.

At-Home Tips

Keep your home clean by dusting and vacuuming regularly; you can also use air filters in multiple rooms. Do your best to keep your pet indoors during the early morning and late evening, when pollen levels outside are at their highest. Rinse off your pet’s feet and limbs when they come indoors from outdoor bathroom breaks.


Bathe your pet with a medicated allergy shampoo—ask your veterinarian for a recommendation. These products help to soothe inflammation in your pet’s skin and reduce itching.


Last but not least, allergy medicine can be prescribed by your veterinary professional that will help your pet’s symptoms stay in check throughout allergy season. If you think your pet is suffering from severe allergies and might need to be medicated, it’s time to set up an appointment at the vet’s office!

Do you need to schedule an office visit for your pet? Call your vet clinic Smyrna, GA right away.