Sphynx Cat Basics

Sphynx cats are characterized by their hairless bodies, wide eyes, and bat-like ears—they’re some of the most unique cats to be found anywhere. Learn more here as your veterinarian Savannah, GA tells you all about the Sphynx cat.

The Sphynx’s History

The Sphynx cat as we know it today originated in 1966 (although there are records of hairless cats dating to the early 1900s!). In Toronto, Canada, a pair of domestic shorthair cats produced a hairless litter thanks to a genetic mutation, giving birth to the Sphynx. Sphynxes now enjoy a large, stable gene pool and can be found all over the world.

Personality and Temperament

Sphynxes have hearty metabolisms and are therefore rather high-energy cats; they love to climb, run, and jump. They’re intelligent, inquisitive, and friendly animals and make wonderful pets. They’re also good with children.

Care Needs

For the most part, the care needs of a Sphynx cat are similar to other cats. However, they’ll need regular bathing, as excess body oil builds up since it isn’t removed by fur. It’s also important that a Sphynx cat is protected from the sun, as they can get burnt easily.

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