Pet Danger-Zones at Home

Although your pet is always safest at home with you and your family, there are a few danger spots to be aware of. The key is using preventative tips to keep your animal friend healthy and safe! Learn more below from a Pickerington, OH veterinarian.

The Kitchen

Any typical kitchen contains harmful foods for pets, from onions, chives, and garlic to chocolate, candy, grapes, and raisins. Kitchens are also home to plenty of hot surfaces like stovetops, coffeepots, and toasters. Don’t forget about the myriad of sharp objects; knives, graters, and sharp forks all pose a threat. It’s best to keep your pet out of the kitchen entirely!

Cleaning Closets

Everything from household disinfectants and toilet-bowl cleaner to air fresheners and carpet shampoo can cause serious harm in a pet who manages to ingest them. Keep the supply closet closed and locked at all times so that your pet can’t get at the products inside.

Medicine Cabinets

Were you aware that plenty of human medicines—aspirin, cough syrup and cold medicine, antidepressants, and much more—can poison our animal companions? Don’t allow your pet access to the medicine cabinet.

For more pet safety tips, contact your animal hospital Pickerington, OH.