How to Bathe Your Kitten

It’s a great idea to start bathing your cat while they’re still young—this way, they grow up with bathing as a natural part of life, and it’ll make things a lot easier later if your adult cat gets into something smelly or sticky. Your Mattoon, IL veterinarian tells you how below:

The Set Up

First, set yourself up at the bathtub or kitchen sink. Lay down a rubber mat to provide solid footing for your kitty. Have a feline-formulated shampoo and a large, soft bath towel on hand.

Lather and Rinse

Put a bit of lukewarm water in the bottom of the tub or sink, then gently place your kitten in it. When she’s ready, wet the coat with a bit of lukewarm water (take care to avoid the face!), then dab a small amount of shampoo onto her body. Lather her coat, working your way down towards the tail. When she’s fully shampooed, rinse the coat out thoroughly with more water.

Dry Off and Reward

Now, dry your kitten with the towel and offer her a cat treat for a job well done.

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