Have You Ever Seen Your Cat Knead?

Kneading is a common practice for many of our feline friends. The maneuver involves pressing the front paws into an object in an alternated rhythm. Have you ever wondered what causes this behavior? Learn more here from a vet London, ON.

Preparing for Naps

Experts believe that ancient wild cats kneaded grass or dirt areas to soften them up for napping. This trait may have gotten passed down through the generations to your modern-day domesticated house cat! It’s likely that you’ve seen your cat kneading a pillow or blanket before bedding down.

Nursing Instinct

Kittens tend to knead their mother’s belly while nursing, which is thought to stimulate milk production. Your cat kneading as an adult may be a sort of “remnant” kitten-hood behavior, and it’s even possible that your cat associates the feelings of kneading with the comfort and contentment of nursing!

Territorial Behavior

Your cat’s paw pads contain scent glands that release their scent into the object that’s getting kneaded. Kneading might be your cat’s way of marking her territory!

Want to learn more about your cat’s behavior or mannerisms? We are always here to help. Contact your veterinary clinic London, ON today to speak with the professionals.