How to Keep Your Pet at a Healthy Weight

Obesity is one of the leading health problems that veterinarians see in pets. It’s also one of the most easily avoidable. Take steps to keep your pet at a healthy weight, and you won’t have problems to deal with later! Learn more here from a veterinarian Glendale, AZ.

Portion Control

Ask your vet to recommend a precise portion size measurement for your pet. This way, you can give your pet the exact amount of food he or she needs. It’s also recommended that you don’t free-feed your pet, which means leaving food out at all times for a pet to munch on as they please.

Proper Food Choice

Your pet is at a higher risk of obesity if they’re receiving a “budget” diet that contains a lot of empty calories. Make sure your pet is fed a high-quality food that is appropriate for their age, size range, and breed. Consult your vet for a recommendation.


There’s no better way to keep your pet at a healthy weight than by exercising them regularly. Get your pet moving on a daily basis!

Do you need help slimming down your pet? Does your companion need an examination? Call your vet Glendale, AZ.