How to Brush Fido’s Teeth

Brushing your dog’s teeth is a great way to remove plaque before it can harden into dangerous tartar. It’s essential for good oral health! Here, your veterinarian Ellicott City, MD gives you a step-by-step process for brushing your dog’s teeth successfully.

Get Your Supplies

First, get everything you’ll need together in the area where you’ll be brushing Fido’s teeth. This includes a canine toothpaste, a pet toothbrush, and a few dog treats. Call your dog over and start massaging his teeth and gums with a finger; this gets him used to the brushing sensation.


Put a bit of toothpaste on the brush and select a section of Fido’s mouth to start with. Go over the gum line and outer tooth surfaces; don’t worry about the rear surfaces, as plaque doesn’t tend to accumulate there.

Repeat and Reward

Repeat the process around the various sections of Fido’s mouth. Give him a treat after each successful brushing, as this lets your dog know that remaining still for brushing warrants a reward.

Do you need help with your dog’s dental health? We’re always here for you. Contact your animal hospital Ellicott City, MD today to set up your canine companion’s next appointment.