Myths About Shelter Pets

Shelters and the pets inside of them sometimes get a bad rap. It’s important that you don’t believe everything you hear! Allow your Crown Point, IN vet to set things straight in this article about shelter pet myths.

Shelter Pets Aren’t Well-Behaved

This isn’t true. The vast majority of pets don’t find themselves in a shelter because of bad behavior. Most of them are just loving animals in search of a good home. While any pet might need training, shelter pets can be just as well-behaved as any animal companion.

Shelter Pets Are Dirty

This couldn’t be further from the truth. Shelters are kept clean by the diligent efforts of staff members; it’s essential for preventing the spread of disease or infection in an area where a lot of animals are housed in close quarters. Shelter pets aren’t dirty!

Shelter Pets Are Old

Think every pet in a shelter is an old, unwanted companion? Think again! The truth is, pets of almost any age can be found in a shelter, from puppies and kittens to elderly pets. If you’re searching for a particular age of pet, visit your local rescue facilities.

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