Dangerous Plants for Pets

There are many types of plants and flowers out there that don’t agree with our cats and dogs. The trick is knowing what to watch out for so that you can keep your pet safe! Your Lafayette, LA veterinarian tells you more below.

Common Houseplants

Many plants that you already have in your home may pose a risk to your pet! Common hazardous houseplants include various types of aloe plants, the sago palm, dieffenbachia, certain types of rubber plants, and more. Don’t assume that a plant is safe just because it’s meant for decoration!

Common Flowers

Lilies are very dangerous for our feline friends, and they may harm dogs as well. Tulips, daffodils, and other flowers are also irritating or toxic to our animal companions! Ask your vet for a full list of dangerous flowers for pets.

Other Plants

Rhododendron, ivy, oleander, elephant ear… the list of potentially harmful plants goes on and on. Your best course of action is to talk with your vet to find out what types of toxic plants are common in your area. From there, you can set about making your home and yard safe!

Does your pet need attention? Call your vets Lafayette, LA.