Helping Your Cat to Lose Weight

Plenty of domestic house cats are overweight; nearly one in ten are carrying around excess pounds! If your feline friend could stand to shed some weight, use these tips from a Cherry Hill, NJ veterinarian to return her to a healthy size.

Portion Control

Often, basic portion control is all that’s required to help your cat get fit again. Don’t overfeed your pet, or free-feed her (that means leaving food out at all times for Fluffy to eat as she pleases). Instead, use scheduled mealtimes with measured portions. Ask your vet for more information.

Diet Change

If your cat is eating a cheap food with a lot of filler material, she’s not getting the proper nutrients and is packing on extra calories. Switch her to a premium diet that suits her breed and age. Ask your vet for a recommendation.


Your cat won’t lose weight without exercising! Play with your pet on a daily basis with toys, laser lights, or even a simple piece of string. She’ll be shaping up in no time.

Does your cat need a veterinary examination? Ready to start helping her lose weight? Set up an appointment today at your pet clinic Cherry Hill, NJ.