Hypoallergenic Exotic Pets

If you can’t have a dog or cat thanks to allergies, you may want to consider a pet in the exotic realm. Below, a Minnetonka, MN veterinarian gives you a few ideas:

Reptiles & Amphibians

Reptiles like lizards and snakes, as well as amphibians like frogs and turtles, can make great pets for those who suffer from allergies. While reptiles do shed their skin, this doesn’t often cause allergic reactions. Plus, reptiles and amphibians live in terrariums, which contain most material that may cause reactions.


Fish are immersed in water 24/7, so it’s almost impossible for them to cause allergies. While you can’t exactly cuddle them, they’re fascinating to look at and care for! Ask your veterinarian for more information on the care and ownership of fish.


Arachnids like scorpions and tarantulas aren’t for everyone. If you’re not squeamish about these creatures, though, they’ll make a fascinating and unique pet that is entirely hypoallergenic! These animals don’t give off dander like cats and dogs.

Do you have further questions about exotic pet ownership? Wondering about ways to control you or your family member’s pet allergies? Give your vet in Minnetonka, MN a call today to find out more.