Your Cat’s Diet

If you own a cat, feeding them a quality and age-appropriate diet is one of the best things you’ll ever do for their overall health. Read on as your Savannah, GA veterinarian tells you about your cat’s nutritional and dietary needs.


Extremely young kittens will need their mother’s milk—or a milk substitute if the mother’s milk isn’t available—to receive the proper nutrients for healthy growth. As your kitten ages, they’ll start to receive wet kitten-formulated food; ask your vet for a recommendation.

Adult Cats

Adult cats can be fed a diet of wet food formulated for grown cats, dry kibble formulated for grown cats, or a mixture of both. This way, your feline friend receives all of the essential nutrients needed for healthy, happy middle age life.

Senior Cats

Your senior cat’s nutritional needs are far different than they were back when she was a kitten. Make sure you’re giving your older cat a specially formulated food made just for the nutritional needs of senior felines. Feel free to ask your vet to recommend a great choice.

For more information on your cat’s nutritional requirements or dietary needs, consult your animal hospital Savannah, GA. We’re here for you!