Carbon Monoxide Poisoning in Cats

Carbon monoxide is definitely dangerous for humans, but it’s equally as hazardous for our feline friends. Carbon monoxide is colorless and odorless, so it’s even scarier! Learn more in this article from a vet Rochester, NY.

Causes of Poisoning

Carbon monoxide poisoning often occurs when a cat is trapped in a garage and a car engine is turned on. It can also occur in any other enclosed space that traps a source of carbon monoxide gas, like a fireplace, grill, oven, or gas water heater. It’s also possible for a cat to be exposed if they’re trapped in a burning building.


Carbon monoxide poisoning results in reduced oxygen delivery to the body, including the brain and heart. Symptoms can be acute or chronic and include respiratory trouble, lethargy, vomiting, discoordination, seizures, coma, and death.

Treatment and Prevention Tips

Any cat who is believed to be suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning should be removed from the source immediately and rushed to the vet’s office. Oxygen supplementation will be administered, and fluid therapy may also be needed. Prevent the issue entirely by keeping your cat away from any source of carbon monoxide.

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