3 Common Signs of Pain in Cats

One thing that most cats share in common is that they’re rather good at hiding their pain or discomfort. It can be very hard to tell if your cat is hurting, so it’s important to know about some of the most common signs. Learn more here from your veterinarians Rochester, NY.

Poor Grooming or Over-grooming

Cats are fastidious self-groomers, as you know. If you’ve noticed your cat’s coat quality starts to wane, something might be amiss. And cats, just like dogs, might chew or lick excessively at a localized area that’s causing them pain, like a sore joint, so keep an eye out for over-grooming.

Routine Changes

Is your cat usually a voracious eater but is now barely touching her kibble? Perhaps she’s been eliminating outside of the litter box when she’s been using it appropriately for years. Routine changes like this could indicate a variety of health issues, including pain.

Aggressive Behavior

Some cats are a bit standoffish by nature, but if your normally pleasant feline friend has started acting out aggressively with biting or scratching, she might be irritable because of pain.

If you suspect your cat is in pain, call your animal hospital Rochester, NY right away.