Three Tricks to Give Your Dog a Pill

Most likely, you’ll have to give your canine companion medication in pill form at one point or another. This can prove easier said than done, especially if your dog is picky! Here are three tricks for giving your pooch a pill from a Mt. Airy, MD vet.

Hide in Food

Often, it’s simplest to hide your dog’s pill in a glob of wet dog food, or wrap it up in a roll of deli meat, and feed it to your dog. Always check with your vet before doing this, though, because some medications are meant to be given on an empty stomach!

Crush or Grind

Sometimes, you can crush or grind your dog’s pill to sprinkle it over a meal or stir it into Fido’s food. Check with your vet first—certain medications can be rendered ineffective when crushed up, or you may be introducing too much of the medication to your dog at one time.

The Toss Trick

Toss your dog a few tasty treats, then his pill, then another treat. Do it quickly enough, and your dog won’t even realize he’s taken medicine!

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