Traveling By Car With Your Dog

It’s a safe bet that you’ll have to travel by car with your dog at one point or another, whether you’re taking Fido to the vet’s office or embarking on a family vacation. Do so safely with these tips from your veterinary clinic Columbia, MD.

Use a Carrier

It’s always best to keep your dog in his carrier while in the car, buckling it in with the seat belt or a few bungee cords. This way, you’re keeping Fido safely secured at all times and avoiding the risk associated with allowing your dog to roam around the car. Pick a roomy carrier that allows your dog plenty of space.

Pit Stops

On longer drives, be sure to take a few pit stops along your route to allow your dog to stretch his legs and use the bathroom. This is also helpful for dogs who experience carsickness; you can also try cracking a window or playing soothing music at a low volume.

Solving Car Anxiety

Is your dog terrified of the car? Desensitize him to it by taking short, frequent trips around your neighborhood. Ask your vet for further advice.

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