Stopping Your Dog from Surfing the Counters

Many dogs enjoy searching kitchen counters for tasty morsels. Not only is this behavior a nuisance, it can be dangerous if a dog were to ingest something toxic. Here, your Scottsdale, AZ vet tells you how to put a stop to your dog’s habit.

Don’t Leave Food Out

If a dog finds a reward in the form of food every time he counter-surfs, he has no reason to stop! Always be sure to put food away in cabinets or the refrigerator; don’t leave it lying on the kitchen table or countertops where dogs could reach it.


Does your dog already know a “down” command? You’re in luck—just be vigilant about giving the command every time you see your dog get near the counter. If your dog needs to be trained to learn this command, ask your veterinarian about the best way to get started.


Environmental deterrents can be used a last resort to stop counter-surfing behavior. Many work by blowing a burst of compressed air or triggering a loud noise, designed to startle your dog when they get too close. Ask your vet to recommend such a product.

Contact your Scottsdale, AZ veterinarian’s office for further advice.

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