Stop Your Cat’s Inappropriate Scratching

Has your cat been scratching up your furniture recently? It’s best to put a stop to this behavior as quickly as possible! Learn how below from a veterinarian Rochester, NY.

Scratching Posts

If your cat doesn’t have an appropriate surface to scratch on, you can’t blame her for taking out her frustrations on your furniture or floors. Make sure that your cat has multiple scratching posts or scratching pads set up around the house!

Training Tips

Every time that you see your cat scratch on an inappropriate surface, tell her “no” in a firm voice and redirect her to a scratching post. Offer a treat when she successfully uses it. This will make it clear to your feline friend that the post is the appropriate place to scratch!


Another option is deterrents. Taste deterrents can be sprayed on your furniture to repel your cat; sound deterrents make a loud noise when your cat gets close, startling them off. Ask your veterinarian for more advice on using deterrent methods safely to stop your cat’s scratching.

Do you need further help with your cat’s behavior or health care? We’re here for you! Schedule an appointment today at your pet Clinic Rochester, NY.

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