Stop Your Cat from Nibbling on Plants

Some cats have a tendency to nibble on houseplants. The problem with this is that some are toxic, and even non-toxic varieties can give a cat an upset stomach or intestinal blockage. Here, your Poway, CA vet tells you how to stop your feline friend’s nibbling behavior.

See Your Veterinarian

First things first: pay a visit to your vet. Some cats nibble on non-food objects because of a behavioral disorder (pica), and some may be attempting to get nutrients that they aren’t receiving in their diet. Your veterinarian can examine your cat to make sure they’re in full health.

Restrict Access

One of the simplest solutions is to restrict your cat’s access to plants. Put plants in a room that your cat can’t get into, or hang them in ceiling planters high enough that your cat can’t jump up to them.

Use Deterrents

A final option is to use taste deterrents. These are liquids sprayed onto the plants themselves to give them a horrible taste; your cat will think twice about nibbling once she gets a whiff.

If you need help stopping your cat’s nibbling, or if you would like more information on pet-safe plants, contact your vets Poway, CA.

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