Stop Fido from Begging at the Table

Does your dog whine and grovel around the dinner table, hoping for any scrap to drop so that he can gobble it up? This sort of bad behavior should be stopped as soon as possible. Here, your Scottsdale, AZ veterinarian gives you a few suggestions.

Secure Your Dog Elsewhere

At dinnertime, try securing your dog in another room or in his crate. Even if he whines, ignore him—we know this can be easier said than done! Eventually, your dog will get the hint that he’s not being welcomed to the table.


Spot training can be very helpful for begging dogs. When your dog knows a spot command, it can be given at any time and your dog should go to that particular area (the crate, a certain corner, etc.). Ask your veterinarian how to get started with this type of training.

Feed Your Dog His Own Meal

Many times, you can solve the problem by giving your dog his own meal during dinnertime. Set it nearby, and ignore your pooch completely when he begs for human food. Eventually, he should get the hint!

Want more advice on your dog’s behavior and training? Call your veterinary clinic Scottsdale, AZ office.

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